Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Altered states (updated)

Blogger has lost all the images that I included in this post. And I don't seem to have them on my computer anymore. Waaah!

So this post is essentially broken for good. Sorry.
When I do some more slash and spread grading, I will make a new post!

[things in brackets] used to be images.

Begin original post.

I have a handful of vintage patterns (original ones) either from my mom or from the thrift store. All of them are too small for me, so I decided to try my hand at altering them by slash and spread grading. Google around and you will find many pages on this. Threads has a good one.

This is the result of a 1954 size 18 (36 bust)
[pattern cover]

pattern graded up (we hope) to fit me with a 42" high bust measurement. That's a huge change, I know, but why not try it?

[bodice front]

After I finished the basic grading changes, I went ahead and did a full bust adjustment, fervently hoping I did not add insult to injury.
[sleeve image]

I measured the sleeve diameter after the grading and decided to add 1 1/4 inches. I did this by slicing right up to the top of the sleeve in five places and nudging the bottoms of the slashes out one-quarter inch each.

I have a handful of doll commissions to finish before I can do a muslin and try out the results of my mad slashings!


I did a muslin in Cat in the Hat fabric. It is cute! The bust is too big, so I took a bigger bite on the side bust dart. I'll make this in some cheap pink fabric from Walmart real soon now (it is cut out and waiting for me).

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