Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome! What's it all about, anyway?

Hi there!
I thought I ought to sit down and explain just what it is I think I'm doing here (not that that, in the end, may bear any resemblence to what I eventually do). So here goes!

I love vintage clothes, but I don't want to look like I'm unclear on the current decade. So I tend to mix vintage or classic styles in with my other clothes. Sometimes I wear hats and gloves, but rarely at the same time.

I'm about 6 feet tall and fat.
Yes, I said fat. Not overweight, not obese, not fluffy, not padded, not Junoesque. Fat. So there.
I started sewing in junior highschool, when I discovered that anything but a man's shirt from the tall section failed to reach my wrists. Now, decades and decades later I still sew many of my own clothes, rather than buying the overpriced, badly made, hideously colored tents on offer for middle aged women in the fat lady section. Or - heavens - tights masquading as leggins masquarding as jeans.

On the plus side (ha ha ha), I've been losing about 2 pounds a week since January 2014, so my old clothes are falling off me. Many have already been consigned to the local hospice organization's thrift store. And some old favorites (I didn't save many) are back on the clothes rod! I'm going from a 24 women's (US) to probably a 14 misses US. From 255lbs to 170lbs.

How am I going to cope with clothes for the next year? I don't know, so to distract myself from that issue, I'm busily planning a wardrobe for the future skinny me.

To keep myself clothed in the meantime, I'm in the process of digging through my vintage patterns (mostly Vogue and Butterick re-issues) for any pattern that either is a blouse pattern or can be used as one. I'll post as I work on various garments. These will be wearable test garments, to see if I like the style and my color choices.

And that's what this blog is all about. My wardrobe and sewing adventures.

So, what does this have to do with sieves, anyway? The title is the same as the URL. Anagram, anyone?

(This post will become a 'page' on this blog, for future visitors)

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