Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Half-Circle Skirt

I have had a 3 yard piece of Pendelton wool plaid that I've used as a shawl for years, since I couldn't work out what I wanted to make from it.


That's about a 40 inch waist and the skirt comes to somewhere below my knee. Looks fairly dire on the hanger but OK on me.

I drafted the pattern by using some circle math and all four pattern pieces are identical. Quick and dirty.

The cf and cb bias seams match perfectly, but the side seams don't. If you look at this picture

you can see that the lighter stripe is made up of white, then light blue, then medium blue.
That is not a bi-directional pattern. So my sideseams line up in the larger picture - wide dark stripes and wide light strips and the thin white double lines and single reddish lines, but the white/light blue/medium blue strips are inverted from front to back. I would have needed 6 yards to match the plaids all the way around.

I just did a simple placket closure as I plan on taking this skirt in a considerable amount next fall if possible.

Next time, I'll probably try this in a large check cotton and pastels for summer.

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