The Big One Year Plan: Cheap and Cheerful (UPDATED)

The big weightloss (about a dress size every two months) is playing hob with my wardrobe.

So, what shall I do until I reach my goal weight in January 2015? Streak!? No.

I'll make clothes, clothes in shapes and colors I think I might like, and when they are too big, I'll toss them and make something else, smaller.

So I'll spend the next year trying out patterns, practicing finishing techniques, and confirming my color palettes.
I will the the Queen of Cheap and Cheerful fabric.
Then in January 2015, I hope to be stabilized at a good weight, when I can start making long-wearing, lovely versions of my favorites from the previous year in quality materials.

My weightloss (and blogging, and sewing) stalled out in May when I stopped losing weight.

So here it is, January 2015, still fat. But I'm sewing again, and blogging again. Yay!

Even more update! 
November 2016 - not as fat - still sewing.
And incredibly wonderful Facebook group (Vintage Capsule Wardrobe) has recently sprung up, leading me to fall in love with sewing and vintage all over again.

And a very large change in my wardrobe plans. Sigh. I shall lay it out in a new page post.

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