Old Long-term wardrobe plan

The Incredible Moving Target. It changes every time the sun rises, pretty much.

The Colors
Cool weather base colors are brown, wine, and dark teal. Accents red, beige and bright (acid?) green.
Warm weather colors are light blue, navy, and goldenrod. Accents red and white.
Then there is the universal color, black. Useful for accents and for concert band performances.

7 Dresses
floral house dress (Vintage Vogue 8788 reissue wrap dress)
wine, vintage dress pattern (mid 1950s Vogue 8114 - may be close to my size when I'm done - pattern belonged to my mother). Slim dress with yoked neck.
teal, wool wrap dress (Vogue 8778)
light colored shirt dress, white?
brown striped dress, Decades of Style's New England dress, 1940s pattern
light blue with navy summer two piece, pattern TBD
sundress, navy with white accents, or goldenrod with navy accents. pattern TBD
New Look  - another vintage pattern from mom. Fitted bodice with full pleated skirt. Or I might use Decades of Style's Diamond Dress.

Many blouses
solids in brown, wine, teal, medium blue, navy, goldenrod, white, black, red. Polkadots? Florals? Amorphous prints?
These are the patterns I'll be trying out the most as I shrink. I have lots of Vogue vintage reissue dress patterns that can be truncated for interesting blouses, and several straight-up blouse reissues.

6 skirts
Note: brown and teal will make suit with the matching jacket.
Flared: brown, wine, teal, navy. Vogue 2476 is a Vintage reissue. I've made the skirt from that a bunch of times. I love it. 1949.
1/2 circle: winter plaid, summer plaid. Self-drafted pattern. I might try the front pleat as seen on Bette Davis' skirt in June Bride movie.

5-6 pants
1 pr jeans. Make or buy? Can't decide.
Summerweight, navy, goldenrod?, white. I'll be trying out Wearing History's 'smooth sailing' pants for these.
Winterweight, brown, teal, black (concert)
Note: brown and teal will make suit with the matching jacket.

4 sweaters
Cardigans. red, baby blue, teal, white. I'll  be buying these, Woolovers.

2 coats
Brown overcoat. Vintage Vogue reissue 2475, mid 1940s with interesting shoulder details. I"ve made this before and it is a good looking coat.
Navy 3/4 swing. I'll look for a good swing coat pattern, or draft one myself.

4 jackets
I'll use a variety of suit jacket patterns for these. I have a lot of suit patterns.
brown, teal,  navy.
navy and white,  white and navy, or goldenrod and navy bolero for sundress
Note: brown and teal will make suit with the matching pant or skirt

Shoes (oy)
4 pair casual shoes (flats or sandals)
brown (Mary Jane style), white (keds), red (TBD, espadrilles?), navy (Naturalizer Carlita?). Heaven only knows. I have difficult feet.

Casual heels
Dansko in brown

4 pair dress heels
red, black, beige t-straps Model T Junior by Daisy (discontinued now), taupe sandals

2 pair boots (1 - 1 1/2" heel)
brown, black

red, white, beige, black, acid green, brown

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