Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vogue 8788 wrap dress, 1954 reissue

Hurrah for reissued vintage patterns!

I love a nice wrap dress, and it will be a useful piece as I continue to go down in size.

I don't feel particularly emotionally or financially attached to this garment, as the whole thing cost a mere  $13.09 US plus tax.
Including the pattern.
I used Joann Fabrics' 'Symphony' broadcloth and a 50% coupon to buy the 5 yards required, and the pattern was on sale, and the thread was on sale, and the two packages of hem binding I used (label dated 1969) came from the thrift store for a whopping 30 cents a piece.
I prefer rayon binding over polyester. I have a whole roll of Hug Snug in a blue that is lots darker then the dress so I was glad to have the Wright's on hand.

I finally had the wit to use my high bust measurement for this garment, coming out somewhere between a 18 and a 20, depending on inhalation or exhalation. I chose to exhale. Then my waist is a 22 or thereabouts, as I chose to inhale for that measurement. Switching across 3 sizes on a pattern where the fronts and backs extend out a ways and wrap around did not yield a completely obvious path. But I made do.

Then I further complicated things by doing a slapdash full bust adjustment, to take it to about a 20. Not content with a pattern resembling a particularly gruesome crime show corpse, I added insult to injury and lowered the bust point 1 inch.

The back extensions wrap around the waist and hook together. That worked. The front extensions are supposed to do the same, but in the back. Mine missed by a bit, probably due to our friendly neighborhood slasher. So I used the tie option.

Oops, I see that the back rucked up a bit under the tie. Hm. It will be nice to do the pattern again when I'm more consistently sized top to bottom.

I let the dress hang on my tailor's dummy for a day or so, then got my husband to mark an even hem for me.

It's raining cats and dogs so this is a particularly inappropriate dress at the moment, but I'm looking forward to a pretty dress that I can wear when I want a little lift.


  1. Great dress. I really like the colour and the fit.

  2. I just received this pattern and I am going to attempt to make it. It looks great on you. I'm still deciding on the type of fabric. I am also between sizes. Wish me luck.